The GYROSPINN is a dynamic training device, developed for both sports and medical rehabilitation use. It provides a practical solution to help you keep fit, recover from injuries and restore physical functions during convalescence.


The GYROSPINN consists of a circular tube containing a free-moving steel ball. The combination of your own hand, arm or shoulder movement and the ball’s centrifugal moment in the tube increase the total muscular load to a level higher than would be created by the weight of the ball alone. Increasing speed adds more resistance to moving ball, which is transferred to your muscles (agonists and antagonists) as they expand and contract. Relatively small movements create short and rapid so-called isometric muscle actions. The device can also be used for other training and exercise purposes, such as to improve joint mobility, stamina, motor dexterity, co-ordination, balance and equilibrium.


There are numerous ways of training with the GYROSPINN. You can hold the device with one hand, for example, either by the handle or by the circular tube itself. Or you can it hold with both hands, like a steering wheel. You can also exercise with two GYROSPINNs at the same time.


Features of the GyroSpinn:
      • Diameter: 25 cm
      • Thickness: 4.5 cm
      • Weight of rotating mass: 225 grams
      • Total weight: 605 grams